ISM Family | Introducing Emmett Skyy

ISM Family | Introducing Emmett Skyy

A deep, charming rasp and a towering stance.

Equal parts vintage soul and rock and roll.







We caught up with singer, songwriter, and multi-creative Emmett Skyy at ISM’s Venice Beach showroom for a spirited discussion on life, learning, fear, growth, and creation. Coming from a family of New Orleans soul and gospel singers, Emmett’s emergence as a performer began at an early age and, naturally, so did his commitment to family. “Family is what keeps you in tact, whether you’re designing frames or making music—in the end you realize what’s important is family.”

Now with a family of his own and an unceasing appetite for creative growth, his approach to expression is more grounded than ever: “I can finally hear myself through the noise.”

We initially encountered Emmett as he performed to a pre-pandemic, cliffside gathering of revelers in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was that moment, with none of us the wiser as it unfolded, that sparked a collaboration between our two visions that is just getting started and gaining steam fast. Stay tuned.


Emmett wears Mont de Marsan (above) and Mont Saint Michel (below) from the Ile de France Collection.







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